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"It is always a problem to choose curtains, and too much thought cannot be given to this all important subject" Keith's Magazine, 1911

Of all home textiles, curtains and shades seem to require the most thought. This is natural as, while they should be attractive, they also have to work. We don’t like to bury the window beneath swags and layers of extra long drapery, trimmed with layers of braid and bullion. Art & Crafts style curtains are in fact very practical...a simple & lovely use of drape that really does finish a room.

To order your curtains, follow the steps below and link to more information as you need it:
How to order:

At any point in the process, feel free to call us. We’re there to help and we love hearing about your home. Be sure to check our frequently asked questions for more infomation.
1) measure the length and width of your window to within an eighth inch. If you already have hardware, measure from the top of the rod to where ever you want the bottom edge of the curtain to fall. If you don’t have hardware yet or want more measuring information, please look at our measurement tips.

2) Decide how full you want your curtains to be. Most of the Arts & Crafts curtains you see pictured on this website are one and one half (1 1/2x) fullness. That means that if the window is 30 inches wide , the curtains will be a total of 45” wide. If you want your curtains to be almost flat panels, order single fullness plus.

3) Choose your fabric. We suggest ordering our fabric sample packet, or you can order up to 3 samples at no charge. Most of our fabrics (but not all!) are 55 inches wide, so you can probably figure pretty closely how much you’ll need, but we’ll be glad to figure it for you (and we may be able to save you some money!). Decide now if you want your curtains lined (see about lining) or if you would like

pin stitched hems (picture at left).

4) Choose a top finish. This is how your curtains will attach to the curtains rod as with the rod pocket in the photo at the top of this page), so if you haven't selected hardware, go to our hardware selection and decide what you want. If you know what kind of hardware you want, select a top finish that will work for your choice from our top finish selection.

5) Optional but the most fun: Choose an appliqué or stencil. Browse the design pages and look at the details of the designs as well as various ways they are used on curtains. We have a large library of Arts & Crafts appliques & stencils, so you might want to look at the applique thumbnails and stencil thumbnails first. Look at the appliqué colors and put together any scheme that works for your interior.

6) You can use the worksheet to figure out your cost or just contact us and have us figure it for you. In fact call us any time in your design process and we'll help you out. We'll talk you through it and send you an estimate. Confirm your order with a 50% deposit and you'll have curtains in about four to six weeks.

Simple but elegant Arts & Crafts curtains....unlined, rod pocket curtains in oyster hanky linen with the Iris Stencil Border.
Portiere...a curtain for a doorway between two rooms. An Arts & Crafts curtain that is still lovely and useful. Portieres are a bit different. Link here for some ordering information.
Even in the small picture, below, the Crocus Border curtain brings a color accent to a almost all white bathroom.
Roman Shades.... here repeating squares on an Arts & Crafts door, solve many window covering design dilemmas. Link here for information on shades.
This close up (above) shows a pin stitched hem with the Purcell stencil border in antique gold & loden.

The picture at right shows a contemporary bed-sitting room in the Arts & Crafts style with traditional craftsmen curtains featuring the Madison Iris applique.

....and don't forget Arts and Crafts bedding and custom pillows!
Roller shades can work by them selves or with curtains for extra coverage.


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